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ApartmentsNL.com - Newfoundland and Labrador apartments for rent ApartmentsNL.com - Newfoundland and Labrador apartments for rent
ApartmentsNL.com - Newfoundland and Labrador apartments for rent

How does the service work?
You may search for listings throughout most locations in Newfoundland & Labrador. When you find a listing that looks interesting you can click on it and find more details. You may find pictures and detailed information of ammenities which are near the location. Depending on the users request their name, phone number, and/or e-mail address will be displayed for you to contact them; or there will be a form for you to fill out. This form will then be e-mailed to the person whose property is listed. Unfortunately we have no way to verify that this person will respond, if you do not receive a response in a reasonable amount of time, return to our site and try to make contact again.

Can my identidy be kept private?
We have designed ApartmentsNL.com to keep the identidy of listers private at their request. If you are attempting to learn more regarding a listing, we must provide the person who you are contacting with information to contact you.

What do I do when my property is rented or leased?When you listed with us you received a receipt that would have included a link to a page where you may change your listing. You may also visit http://www.apartmentsnl.com/change.asp and enter your e-mail address and pass code to change your listing.

Do you offer Refunds?
We at ApartmentsNL work hard at creating a positive and rewarding online apartment listing service. On our site, you will find plenty of information that describes our listing service. We provide a all current listings for you to view so that you can see what a typical online listing looks like.

We provide this extensive information to educate you about our service before making a decision to subscribe to our listing service. Therefore, we expect you to purchase this service only if you intend to use it and only if you are authorized to make the decision to use it.

As a user of this service you understand that all sales are final and that there are no refunds for the online listing subscription service, regardless of when you rent properties that you list on this service.